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rps100's Journal

RPS 100 drabbles
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Inspired by the Smallville community wednesday100.

This is an RPS community. It is real person *slash*. That's Real People, doing pretend things. PRETEND! I mean, I wouldn't be opposed it, but I really don't think it's true.


1. There will be a challenge posted On Monday night, around midnight. The challenge will be open all day on Tuesday.

2. 100 words per drabble. As many drabbles as you want, up to a reasonable amount.

3. Real people. It can be a cross between a real person, and a fictional character... but there must be at least one real person slashed in the drabble.

4. No flames. Seriously. If you've joined this community, you've accepted that it's about real people.

5. This can be about any real people. Pairings you've seen before, maybe you haven't. Whatever.